Every Person Counts

“Census data is used to allocate funds to our communities, both at the federal level and at the state level. It matters when you think about roads and infrastructure. It matters when you think about school lunches and ensuring that children have food to eat. It matters through senior service. It matters for help in families paying for college.”

- Alabama Possible Director,

Kristina Scott

“We want to equip our local leaders to help us spread the message of how important the census is to our state and ask the Alabamians in their areas to help us by fulfilling a simple, civic duty and completing a census form.”

- ADECA Director, Kenneth Boswell

“We as Alabamians have a tremendous opportunity to positively affect the future of our state and our children by simply taking about five minutes to say ‘I count’ and completing our census forms in 2020.”

- Governor Kay Ivey


Our aim is to increase participation in the 2020 Census in the Shoals Area of Northwest Alabama. A more accurate count helps all of us.


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